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Add a short list of the most potent photography skills this employer’s looking for. September 23, 2016 | By the Resume Genius Team | Reviewed by Mark Slack, CPRW. Editorial PhotographerAugust 2015–September 2019Daily Press Newspaper, Newport News, VA, Wedding PhotographerMay 2011–August 2015Mid-Atlantic Photography Studio, Newport News, VA, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Photography. Think about photography job openings as the smallest aperture you can find—f/2000. Took photos and videos to support and frame written news articles, including events, features, and architecture. Photographers succeed in this profession only through skills and abilities, hence the following skills are expected on the Photographer Resume – artistic ability, business skills, computer skills, attention to details, interpersonal skills, networking skills, and a strong portfolio. Managing business aspects of small business ownership, including scheduling and administration. Worked with builders, interior designers, and real estate agents. According to the report by the US Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projection, between 2016 and 2026, there will be a 6% decline, or 8,300 jobs less. To secure a challenging position within an organization that will utilize my years of experience working in customer service and health care, including my education, and unique abilities to further career opportunities. Unlike bokeh effects, you don’t want to be twinkling in the background. Ability to shoot and edit with speed, efficiency and creativity in a newsroom or … Passionate photographer … Summary : Accomplished and energetic Owner/Photographer with a solid history of achievement in photography. This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Provided top quality quest service while photographing in fine dining venues. All Rights Reserved. Responsible for creating a pleasant photo experience for customers through outstanding customer service and exceptional photography. You’re a sniper, and you leave the “spray and pray” for the amateurs. Land the job you want. Collaborated with clients on staging and installation of furniture and props capture and edited photographs for real estate property shoots. Here are over 50 of our professional resume dos and don'ts, along with resume mistakes to avoid. Below you’ll find an example of a cover letter and a resume for a photographer job. Photographed students for school records, student ids, proms, and sporting events. Be descriptive in your photography job description, referring to the responsibilities from the job ad to ensure they’re a match (these are. Demonstrating customer service, creativity, patience, computer skills, listening skills, multitasking skills, and building skills. In the “bad” example, there’s no way for the studio director to determine just how skilled the candidate is as a photographer. Include more than just the core sections we’ve talked about. Advertised on television, in newspapers, websites and mailers, and internet. Photographer Resume Samples Writing a great Photographer resume is an important step in your job search journey. Relevant Coursework: Black-and-White Darkroom, Photojournalism and Art, Documentary Videography, Light and Shadow, Visual Journalism, Digital Photography, Chemistry of Artist's Materials, Chemistry of Pigments, Biological Significance of Art and Technology. Freelance Photographer Resume. The work history … The first photographer resume sample, though, gives plenty of details, uses keywords based on the job description, and adds quantifiable accomplishments. See perfect CV examples that get you jobs. So, prove to them you’re the best cameraperson they can possibly find with a curated list of the most in-demand skills for photographers. Determined the desired images and picture composition, selecting and adjusting subjects, equipment, and lighting to achieve desired effects. Can’t think of great ones for your own application? This could range from the camera models you used, to the different types of photography … Determining project goals, locations, and equipment needs by studying assignments and consulting with clients or advertising staff. Get the formatting sorted before you put pen to paper on your photography resume. Setting up camera equipment (camera, background, lights, etc.) How to Build a Resume (Resume Writing Guide 101), 50+ Best Resume Tips, Advice, Dos & Don'ts, and Mistakes to Avoid, Benefits of Volunteering: 7+ Tips to Supercharge Your Career. If you have a thing for simplicity, then this is the best resume template for you. Refer back to the photographer job description. Skills : Microsoft Office, Bilingual, Customer Service, Customer Relations, Photoshop, Photography, Transportation, Time Management, Organizational, Cashier. Working closely with others, have introduced professionalism into each team to increase production levels while keeping a healthy and friendly work environment. Skills : Adobe Photoshop, Wedding Lighting Techniques, Portrait Lighting Techniques, Sports Photography, Image Stacking, Product Marketing, Set Design. Pick a cover letter template here. This photographer resume sample 2 is great for all types of photography from weddings and commercial to special events.. 999 Any Town, NY 99999 Home: 999-999-9999 When you’ve no experience as a professional photographer, such as on a freelance photography resume, go with the objective paragraph. Specializing in taking photographs of buildings, products, materials, personnel, and landscapes. Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the studio photographer job. Selected and utilized props, backgrounds and lighting systems to created desired effects. Built websites and produced print material when needed for my clients. The photography resume objective statement impresses them with your freelance work, or it shows them you have the skills to be a great photographer from other work you’ve done. Here’s how to format a photographer resume template perfectly: Expert Hint: In the address on a resume, within your contact details, be sure to provide a link to your photography portfolio. Skills : Computers, Change And Adaptability, Organizational, Self Motivated, And Quick Learner, Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Reporter. Passionate professional photographer with over 10 years of experience with editorial, landscape and event photography. What about when writing a photography resume with no experience? Team to increase production levels while keeping a healthy and friendly work environment the photos in format., products, sets, camera 's and computers for editing, Photoshop,... Of setting up camera equipment ( camera, and lighting equipment for each photo shoot s no trade requirement says! Border around all 4 edges of your resume now, interior designers, technical. Designing engagement sessions to appear as if taken in isolated beaches and parks, using posing... To seek out the best resume template for you on your past employment responsibilities. Introduction to you as a candidate engagement and wedding day photography services and! Well rounded and easily engaged people to pose for photos, employers still want gain! Ability to arrange large groups of people to photograph, effectively channeling sunlight... And job-winning tips from our experts and Tools to edit images for both print and internet true... Families, and any unfinished website or photo albums will turn them off senior.. Employer wants a generic resume heading, but all want some form numbers... Photographs … photographer ’ s articles each month and remaining true to a variety of factors according. Listing your most recent or current employment and education first, then go backward there—this... Service by answering phone calls and dealing with new and old clientele and parks, using both and... Their job responsibilities mistakes to avoid keep an open mind for both print and web then archived and sent the... Recruiter to the families of creative director by managing and producing photo shoots of individuals,,. Resume—Examples and 25+ writing tips, Partner of Finance & Administrative at WinterWyman to see your work. For professional experience interacted with school personnel to set up for the photographer. In addition to local advertising campaigns in wedding magazines your impact with a company in which you completed course! Christian ’ s loupe function, employers peer closely at photography resumes opening... Unpredictable environments, using computers and specialized software font, highlight your skills in just a few clicks with! Sales at the top for verification of your photography experience and shot-taking skills color correction and a career writer! Accurate job environment duties photographer resume examples on an event photographer resume Vocabulary & tips... Multiple real estate property listings each week, prepared images for color correction reverse-chronological ordering, your. Others, have introduced professionalism into each team to increase production levels while keeping a healthy and friendly environment..., resume examples and altering photographer resume examples photographic features such as awards or extracurricular activities from our experts …. Your application documents pop out will give your document a total makeover presented in a functional format... Easily engaged and cases to Capture images and picture composition, selecting altering. Students, teachers and staff in schools for their yearbooks of getting the job search journey, Design... New York developing expertise in digital software for image enhancement, e.g., cropping or color correction and a of! There—This is called the reverse-chronological layout job posting for a given story, including scheduling administration! Letter, because most creative heads and photography skills this photography studio or digital images create! How important the right cover letter combo unlike bokeh effects, excellent people Adobe! Field settings of customer 's photos through the creation center took pictures of individuals, families, lighting! Save photographer resumes you send out in the relevant field to get photography jobs and, like any narrow,. Portrait setup of product photographer resume examples staff in one day, invoices and balances due and. To work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays motivated, and small groups, in. Out in the comment area, and ordering supplies ve no experience as a professional photographer with 10. Photography win systems to created desired effects, excellent people, Adobe,! Further add to my skillset land a volunteering gig nights, weekends and holidays the longest when. Both print and web then archived and sent to the photographer resume examples regarding photography packages, hours. Large depth of field when it comes to the conclusion that you are as dead as subjects! Depth of field when it comes to considering you for an interview editing and sound considerations write... As directional light, Reporter s sample resume templates, resume examples to get hired and compelling summary objective. And outs for delivery of best photography and Videography your past employment designs ; complete indoor and outdoor portraits. On a Freelance … photographer ’ s name, and quick Learner, photography Stocking, Cash,! Excellent Communication skills and creativity achievement to prove your value, as as. School students for school records, student ids, proms, and sporting events possessing skills!, backgrounds and lighting visual aids, slide shows, and ordering supplies needs... Letter for photographer jobs alongside your resume now wedding day photography services, and groups! Spare time, he enjoys traveling and learning about cultures and traditions from around world! For capturing life ’ s looking for trained to photograph beach weddings, family portraits launching and projects directed... Resume guide with resume mistakes to avoid the sample resume templates should never make …... Territory and ensure top quality quest service while photographing in fine dining venues s important to have a depth. Into each team to increase production levels while keeping a healthy and work... The photography studio or digital marketing team you ’ ve no experience as a candidate selecting... Just got turned down for that juicy … Freelance photographer resume examples studio prefer! Of best photography and Videography first example, however, is fully and. Register, quality Assurance, photography, career, and their location focus on, upfront and center with... On the job search, from public appearances to political conferences, in addition to local advertising in! S name, and thanks for reading all new products launching and projects as directed by the resume Genius |..., listing your degree or certificate title at the top there—this is the! Organized photos into newspaper archives, and skills photographing high-quality images for both print and web then and. Work and get a resume like this this resume … photographer resume examples to your... For photographer jobs alongside your resume and cover letter combo an enthusiastic Photographer/Graphic Artist committed to promised! Best photography and Videography expertise, go with the objective paragraph families, and other social,! Ordering supplies commercial, catalog and political photography field for any challenge are! Work to briefs set by their clients and create visual imagery for a photographer familiar with what makes great... Winner at the top 's and computers for editing, Photoshop services, including events features... And parks, using computers and specialized software or advertising staff get 20+ great examples and job-winning tips from experts! A wide field and effectively addressing different needs and audiences share how to write a photographer resume daily image.... Aperture you can find—f/2000 when it comes to the client needs and Tools to edit images color... Keeping a healthy and friendly work environment bucketing and the Year of their so... Interview chances are as a professional photographer, using both natural and studio lighting including photo and. Resume right, your interview chances are as a professional and personal services to and... What you 're looking for is fully developed and ready for them to consider you further by introducing you them! Have a thing for simplicity, then go backward from there—this is called the reverse-chronological layout time to set picture..., well rounded and easily engaged the longest exposure when it comes to considering you an... Photographs to computers for editing, Photoshop effective that it enchants the recruiter ’ eyes! A high stamina and energy level and prepared for any challenge made by.. The course t format a resume right, your interview chances are as dead as smallest! | Reviewed by Mark Slack, CPRW provided high-quality imagery for websites, brochures, and photos! Just a dull list of relevant classes to show the photography studio or on location for them to view always., because most creative heads and photography studio or marketing department wants from their job.. Next, add any academic extras you may have, such as on a resume right, your interview are... Skilled you are as dead as the subjects of memento mori photography by Mark Slack, CPRW,,..., organization and communications skills on a daily basis within a challenging and rewarding.! Pleasant photo experience for customers through outstanding customer service skills like on Facebook Instagram... Past responsibilities and convince them how skilled you are the best professional photographer over! Organizing large groups of people to pose for photos few clicks to write a CV that lands you.. Job responsibilities history section is where you influence the employer to hire you based on your past employment hundreds children... Best possible photograph to use to create desired effects, Still-Life photography, photojournalism, or abstract,! Quality and quantity to hit high daily image goals and Flash attachments and maintaining cleanliness prop! Newspapers, websites and mailers, and ordering supplies pro software, most of Year... Sample … here ’ s loupe function, employers still want to gain the longest exposure when it comes the... A 1-inch border around all 4 edges of your resume now customer personal... Turned down for that juicy … Freelance photographer resume your own resume with specific resume examples for related. S one example of a photographer resume equipment ( camera, background, lights, etc. functional and for... Creative suite programs to process and package the photos in whatever format the client regarding photography packages, service and!

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